Hi, I'm Emmilia! I love birds! I have some lovebirds, quails and a rescued finch at home. I love to find as many bird people as I can. Looking at other bird pets will make my day! :)
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Life with birds
I didn’t put the name “Pocky- the lovebird” on this t-shirt because the bird here is supposed to symbolize all the pet birds that have gone to the rainbow bridge. This is a t-shirt dedicated for those who have lost their beloved feathery companion. :)Please share and reblog! Thanks :DAvailable at my Petopet store as:Female t-shirt: http://www.zazzle.com/still_around_women_t_shirt-235688156215485821?rf=238983395575595838Male t-shirt: http://www.zazzle.com/still_around_men_t_shirt-235051966305757694?rf=238983395575595838Kid t-shirt: http://www.zazzle.com/still_around_kids_t_shirt-235791175125941041?rf=238983395575595838Check my other merchandises here: http://www.zazzle.com/petopet*I also open commission for pet portrait painting: http://emmil.deviantart.com/journal/Digital-Painting-Commission-Info-230462308Thanks for looking! :)
I bet Pepe dreamed of Pocky at least once when he was a baby. I used Pocky sleeping cage for his brooder after all. :)
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Pocky and his ball. All of his toys including The Potel is inherited by his nephew, Pepe. Pocky didn’t like balls; he would attack it. But Pepe likes balls; he’ll try to feed and hump it. :D
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Here’s the sequel of the previous comic. You can read related comment about this comic on my blog. Reblog and share please if you like my comic strip. ;) Thanks!
Doesn’t Pipi look like a water dancer here? :DI’ve created a folder in my Harddisk to save just all her bath pics. This is my most favorite pic so far. The bigger size is so beautiful I use it as my monitor wallpaper now. <3
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His eyes has opened.<3
Please visit my Bird comic blog and Facebook page! Thanks :D
How protective are you with your birds? Will you let any people including family and friends that come to your house touch your birds, especially the well socialized one that’s very friendly to any humans? I won’t. Except my husband and I, others can play with my dog but not with my birds.
There’s no avian vet around where I live. So if a bird gets sick I have to do my own research on the internet which sometimes is limited to just a few popular and common diseases with no photos that show the early sign/stage of the diseases. I have to take the risk to play doc myself. That’s why prevention is my first choice in keeping them healthy.
I don’t let other people touch my birds because they usually won’t wash their hands first before touching my birds, and if I tell them to do it, they will just roll their eyes. They just don’t get it if dogs or human get sick, there will be many doctors that can help them. Deciding medicine dosage and feeding the medicine to big mammals are a lot easier than doing it for small birds that weigh just a few 10 grams (finches, lovebirds). Most medicine dosage is usually based per kg body weight. So if a very, very small tablet that’s no bigger than a rice seed (1 gram) is supposed to be used for at least 10 kg body weight, you can imagine the difficulty to make the right mixture even though we have solve the tablet in water first. The calculation of how many litter is needed to solve the tablet and how many drop should be given and how to feed the the meds are still very complicated. :(
I imagine that’s probably why not many vets become an avian specialist.
Let’s talk more about birds in my bird group here: Life with birds :)
In addition, my vet said there is only 1 avian specialist in my country, Indonesia, who lives in 345 miles away from my village, and only works as a professor in a college now. Not many people here know that not all vets can handle birds. Many doesn’t even know lovebirds are even parrots, and keep them locked in a canary cage with just 1 perch, seeds and water. Even finches, canaries and other singing birds are not supposed to be just singing machines. They are like parrots, social and can be tamed, but i bet even some people in US and Europe are not aware of this fact. I rescued a wild finch once and she’s now very bonded with me as you can see on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7exxDpUbKO0 Some people ends up with birds somehow & trying their best to keep them healthy and cure their illness the best they can with what they have. And not just choose the easy way out of reselling the birds or hiding behind “let nature takes it course” excuse. So you know.
Pipi likes metallic and reflective things, including nail file, table spoon, stainless steel mug, etc :D
Please visit my Bird comic blog and Facebook page! Thanks :D